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Condition Guide


Mint cards are generally flawless. There may be a very minor white nick on the reverse (typical signs of booster fresh cards) or a minor printing imperfection but everything else on the card is flawless.

Note: Bowed cards (not bends) are still considered mint providing they meet the above criteria.

Near Mint

Near Mint Cards will display slight surface wear or hairline scratches upon close inspection. There may be some fraying on the corners on the front and/or reverse of the card. Most of the original gloss is visible. On holos there may be slight silvering around the edges.

Note: Many booster fresh cards old and new will come out of the packet in this condition.


Surface wear and/or hairline scratches are clearly visible in this condition. The loss of gloss may be apparent and the corners/edges may display signs of wear and fraying. On holos there will be significant silvering around the edges.


Cards in Played condition should still be legal for tournament play. There will likely be significant border and corner wear, clear visible scratches/wear on the cards with a slight bend or crease. Some grease stains may be evident. On holos there will be significant silvering around the edges.


Damaged cards may not be tournament legal and show signs of extreme wear. They are likely to be severely bent, creased and/or misshapen with severe surface damage, holes, corner wear and surface wear. They may also suffer ink damage or have been tampered with. Such cards may have suffered water damage and have tears, major loss of gloss and have grease damage.


This applies to sealed products new and old that are factory sealed and appear to be in brand new condition.

See Description

This applies to sealed products where the product is not pristine so the buyer must be clear and state all of the faults with the item in question.