How to sell on Ludkins Collectables

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How to sell on Ludkins Collectables

There are two ways to sell on Ludkins Collectables:

1) Using the Quick Fill Tool (Below)
2) Using CSV (Click Here)

Quick Fill

Step 1) Go to "Create Listing" in the Selling Manager tab.

Step 2) Type the first four letters of the item you wish to sell.

Find the card you wish to list and click on it. By using Quick Fill it will automatically populate: Franchise, Era, Set and Card Name. See below.

Tip: The more characters you type the better the search. 

Step 3) Choose Edition/Type and Condition

Step 4) Type Price, Quantity and Item Description.

Step 5) Add an Image.

If the user is a Silver Seller or any Silver/Gold member that wants to list a PSA graded card then listing an image is mandatory. 

Gold Sellers with ungraded cards can simply hit the "Save Card" button and the stock image will automatically appear and their item will be listed.