Shipping Defaults

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Shipping Defaults

Upon being accepted as a Silver or Gold member you will receive a notification asking you to complete your shipping options.

Shipping Defaults:

1) National Shipping

2) European Shipping

3) Worldwide Shipping

4) Excluded Countries

1) National Shipping (Your own Country)

If the order is £20 or €20 (depending on your location) or less then you may set your postage cost. Anything over £20 or €20 your buyers gain free standard postage.

2) European Shipping

Should the seller decide to ship to Europe please tick the option below.

Once this is ticked the user may set prices based on: Small items, Medium Items, Large Items and Extra Large Items. For more information as to what items fit in each category please click here.

You may set the price to whatever you like.

Additionally sellers may exclude items from certain regions per item when they create a listing.

3) Worldwide Shipping.

The same rules apply as European shipping (see above) but we do recommend that you charge slightly more for global shipping.

4) Excluded Countries

Simply select the country you wish to exclude postage to by clicking on the desired country.