Why Sell With Ludkins Collectables?

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Why Sell With Ludkins Collectables?

Ludkins Collectables offers one of the safest marketplaces out there to sell your cards.

Safety Features

We have implemented safety features to help protect you against buyer fraud. Such protections include:

1) Name, Last Name and email must match the the user's PayPal exactly. If it does not then the website restricts them from buying.

2) We are notified when a buyer's reputation falls below 95%, they are then put onto a list. If we spot similar patterns and/or we cross reference their names against the latest scammer list they will be swiftly removed.

3) The checkout system pings any buyer address to PayPal and this is binding, this means fraudulent buyers cannot put in claims for alternative addresses.

PayPal's terms and conditions still apply however at least you'll be able to ship to a different address that doesn't appear on their PayPal.

4) Ludkins Collectables get involved after 48 hours of no contact between buyer and seller.

5) Website is PayPal only.

6) Seller's are invite only assuring customers peace of mind.

Easy Listing Features

Since opening our marketplace up to sellers we've had nothing but positive feedback about how easy it is to list.

We have two easy methods. 

Quick Fill Option:

By typing just 4 letters of your desired item into our Quick Fill tool allows you to search and add cards quickly. By using this tool it populates all the category fields for speedy listings.

Additionally our Gold Members have access to stock imagery. There is no need to upload images (except for PSA cards), simply click save and the image of your card will appear. 

CSV Option:

User's are making the most of this option with their card singles.

You can export cards by: Edition, Rarity and or complete sets.

Once you have chosen simply click export and complete the excel sheet.

Hit save and upload.

You'll notice you're also able to keep your stock updated this way too!

With safety and easy listing features built to allow you to streamline. We're confident Ludkins Collectables will provide you with the marketplace solution needed for your sales.